Defiant Kenya lawyer gets warm welcome in Canada

Miguna gets warm welcome in Toronto

Miguna Miguna received a warm welcome on arriving in Canada earlier today.

A handful of men and women awaited for him at Toronto International Airport, and Mr Miguna was presented with a bouquet of flowers upon arrival.

"Welcome 'general'! Welcome home," a woman said when she saw him.

"Miguna Miguna, how are you?," a man asked him.

"I am tired," he replied.

"Kenyans are watching you, they want to hear a word from you," Miguna was told.

"No, today I want to go and take a shower, I haven't showered for the last six days, maybe seven. So I need to take a good shower, hug my wife, hug my children, then eat properly. I have not eaten for the last one week and then I can talk about anything else," Mr Miguna answered.

"What would you like to tell Uhuru, Ruto and Matiang'i?," Mr Miguna was asked.

"Come baby, come," Mr Miguna replied eliciting laughter.

He added: "I am solid and we are solid as granite, we are focused as a laser beam and they must be defeated, and they will be defeated. It's just a question of time."

Mr Miguna was put into a KLM flight departing Nairobi for Amsterdam then Canada on Tuesday night.

The government explained that he had renounced his Kenyan citizenship and acquired Canadian nationality, but Mr Miguna maintained that he is Kenyan, and that he will be back.

Miguna tell family he’d be back!

Activist Miguna Miguna informed his relatives on Tuesday that he would return to the country before long, in a text message he sent before he was whisked away onto a KLM plane and 'deported' to Canada. 

A source close to the family said Mr Miguna sent the SMS to his elder brother who lives with his sisters and sister-in-law at the controversial lawyer's residence at 486 Runda Meadows in Nairobi.

According to the kin, the self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general had indicated to them that it would not be long until he is back in the country, while informing them of his impending deportation.

A security guard at Mr Miguna's residence told Nairobi News that the fiery lawyer had not returned to his Runda house since his arrest on Friday.

On Wednesday, only members of his family were allowed into the compound as the black gate remained locked with journalists kept at bay.

Miguna is fine at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, he has told me share this photo & to assure the Nation that he will be back soon

Mr Miguna was 'deported' late Tuesday evening.

The government, through Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i and Director of Immigration Services, Major General (Rtd) Gordon Kihalangwa, are yet to issue an official position on the revocation of his citizenship.

Interior ministry, through its spokesman Mwenda Njoka, claims Mr Miguna had denounced his Kenyan citizenship years back when he acquired his Canadian citizenship and had not reclaimed it using the laid down legal procedures.

Mr Miguna also resides in Richmond Hill, Ontario in Canada and has been married to Jane Miguna for 16 years.

The two have three teenage children, who are expected to receive him at the Kenyan embassy.