Finally Canada sends peacekeeping troops to Mali


 After months of pondering, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Liberal government has decided Canada will be sending troops to the embattled West African nation of Mali as part of a United Nations Mission there. About 250 Canadian troops and six helicopters will be committed to the UN cause this summer. The troops will be part of efforts to quell Islamist dissidents and terrorist organisations affiliated to ISIS and Al-Qaeda operating especially in the north of the country. Matters came to a head five years ago when the Jihadist terrorist group Ansar-dine overran the north of the country imposing Sharia law, and harassing villagers who did not adhere to strict Islamic virtues, and banning and arresting musicians who did not perform only Islamic music. The terrorists were eventually flushed out by a combination of African and French troops; however, running battles and sneak attacks remain pervasive in the country, enough to warrant the continued deployment  of outside forces who checkmate the religious rebels as Mali marches forward to true democracy.